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March 2017
Thank you Ana sooo much!!! Beautiful really beautiful. We were away when I looked up the funeral home info, they had some other florist on their site, I didn't really like what they had to offer. I put in zip code and when your florist showed up I knew right away I would like your style, so thank you again!!

April, 2016
I ordered a long distance floral delivery through your website, and was very pleased with the variety of selections and the smooth process. Your delivery guy was very professional and went out of his way to get the flowers delivered to the right address after we realized I had given him the wrong address. Sincerely, Julie Perkins

March, 2016
Shannon was so helpful with helping me with the flowers for my wedding! She wrote down (and listened to) everything that i wanted for my wedding. They did not have an arch to rent directly, so i had to find one on my own, but they did a great job decorating it! The flowers were really stunning. They went to the location on time and set everything up correctly. Sincerely, Maryann Cantone

July, 2015
I want thank you for the beautiful flowers you created for my son and daughter in-laws wedding. Your professionalism and attention to detail was outstanding. You captured the essence of their wedding and enhanced the romantic theme. You listened patiently to all of our ideas and worked effortlessly until it was perfect. Thank you again for helping to create a most memorable ocassion. Sincerely, Lisa Cooney

February, 2014
I would like to say Thank you and express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the beautiful arrangements you made for my sister's funeral in February. On short notice you were able to help me, and for that I'm grateful. My sister passed away unexpectedly from breast cancer, she battled for 17 years. When she passed I knew I wanted her to be surrounded by the most beautiful flowers I could find and I immediately thought of you. My sister had used your florist over the years for flowers for her young son that passed away; she said you always have the most beautiful arrangements. I went to your website to view the arrangements, and chose the casket spray with light, and the wreath heart of roses. The arrangements were even more beautiful in person than the pictures on the website. I'm still getting compliments on the flowers today. Thank you so much again.

Sincerely, JH Middletown, NJ

June 2013
Ana's Floral Garden created on behalf of the Han family for the Sean K funeral I want to thank you for the beautiful floral arrangement that you put together on behalf of me and my family for Major Sean K's funeral. It was especially stunning, not only because of the artful floral arrangement, but also because of your unexpected, but most appropriate and deeply appreciated inclusion of the American flag. You should know that I was not alone in thinking your arrangement was special in how it managed to capture the essence of the feelings we Hans wanted to convey, but also those of the so many other Marines who were in attendance at the wake and funeral. The simple fact that the floral arrangement you created was chosen from among the many others to serve as the centerpiece above the casket speaks eloquently to your superior floral artisanship. Thank you, Pat Han

September 2013
I just wanted to say thank you so much. For the time that we had and how the flower arrangements came put you did an amazing job. They turned out great. Mina Mor

October 2013
The flowers were very nice keep up the good work thanks again to all. Thank You E Fin

October 2013
I don't know if 5 stars really can capture what Ana and her team did to meet my floral needs for my wedding. Awesome, amazing, spectacular, fantastic, terrific, and stellar doesn't do Designing Images any justice as well. Perfect is the only word I can use to describe the entire experience when working with Ana. First off, she knows her stuff. She knows what works for the time of year your wedding is and can answer any question you have. But, you have to be honest with her to get the full experience. You have to be upfront with her and tell her what you like, don't like, and what your vision is. Mike and I were married recently and when telling her I was planning a fall wedding, she immediately started jotting notes during our consultation about what could work. Sure, she picked some flowers that weren't exactly my favorites, but I was open to her ideas and everything turned out perfect. I listed to her feedback, she listened to mine, and the end product was everything I imagined and more! The team at Designing Images understood I was working on a budget and respected it. Our flowers came out looking like a million dollars and I couldn't have been happier. Even the day before the wedding, they fulfilled a last minute request. The bridal flowers were delivered to my house on the day of the wedding and I cried when I saw them (I did not cry at all during the wedding, only when I saw the flowers for the first time...). I couldn't have been happier and I even asked Ana how I could go about preserving my bouquet to the best I could. So if you're looking for flowers, regardless of the occasion, give the team at Ana's a call. You will not be disappointed at all. Thank You, Paulette

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