Gift Tips

Stay on top of your gifting needs:
First and foremost make a list of your recipients and then mark you calendar. Check your calendar at the beginning of every month or better yet reach out to your local florist and have them remind you of those important dates, the floral arrangement and/or gift item you sent and have them provide you with suggestions for the upcoming occasion. Take the time to find something that is suited for your recipient.

These tips may help you decide on the right gift:
Does he or she have a special hobby or interest?
Would he or she prefer a quite and romantic celebration?
Does he or she deserve some special pampering?
Your local florist can create the perfect arrangement or gift basket for you.

Say "Thank You"
Send a Thank You by having your local florist make an arrangement that conveys thanks with a personal touch.

Say "I'm Sorry"
Send flowers from your local florist that will help get you out of the dog house. Don't forget to call after the delivery has been made.

Say "Congratulations"
Have your local florist prepare a congratulation bouquet or gift basket for that special occasion. For example, your friend just started her job as a school teacher a basket with notepads, pens, pencils, ruler, etc., top help her get going.

Say "I am sorry for your loss"
It's never easy saying I am sorry for your loss, but flowers can say what is often difficult to express in words. Flowers are usually dent to the funeral home to provide warmth and beauty to the service. If services are not planned, it is recommended that condolences are sent to the bereaved person's home.

Say "Get Well Soon"
Choose light shades of color this gives the recipient a sense of calm and tranquility. When sending flowers to a hospital make sure you get the name of the hospital, the patient's name and room number.

Right before
Right before you attend a dinner party have the arrangement and/or gift delivered. It would be helpful if you know the color the recipient loves.

Remember to
Tailor the arrangement and/or gift to the recipient personal life style.

Send flowers
Not only on special occasions but at times when the recipient is not expecting anything.

Know your florist
Be on a one to one with your florist, more he or she knows about your taste easier it will be to bring out your expressions.


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